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Nolan Gould

Modern Family

Patrick is a great teacher. He can always help me bring out the small details of a character that really make a difference in an audition.

Nolan Gould
michael welch

Michael Welch

Twilight Films Series, Z Nation, Station 19

Patrick was the first acting coach that inspired and challenged me. I know much of my success is because he saw something in me that I never dreamed was possible. Forever grateful!

Brock Ciarlelli

The Middle, Valet, and Home Entertainment

The market is saturated with acting coaches, but I promise you there isn\’t a single one like Patrick Malone. I\’d bet my career on that statement. The Actor\’s Spot roots itself in making sure each student has a fully diverse education and experience in class. Comedy, drama, writing, improv, and more. The things I have learned (and continue to learn) from Patrick have expanded beyond the walls of The Actor\’s Spot. Patrick has become a trusted acting coach, a passionate mentor, and a loyal friend…and I DARE you to find someone who has a smile and laugh as contagious as Patrick Malone\’s.

natalie dreyfus testimonial

Natalie Dreyfuss

The Originals and Will and Grace

For me, ballet was about sculpting myself into a perfect mold. When I met Patrick, he taught me the important of breaking the mold and how amazing it is to be the most yourself can be. That brought confidence, fire, and a new passion to my dancing, as well and more importantly, my acting. 

Katie Shean

Glee, Step Up 3D

I would recommend Patrick Malone to everyone. Performing as an actor my whole life, acting was always something that I always wanted to do, but it was entirely a different world for me to break into. Patrick pushed me to break out of my comfort zone and face my own insecurities. He instills in you the key points an actor needs to book the job. He rocks!

katie shean testimonials
Patrick with Reagan Kramer

Reagan Kraemer

Patrick Malone has been an incredible acting coach for Reagan. He has so much experience in the industry, and he understands the business and the growth process for young actors and actresses. Your child will never be “just another acting student” to him. He will always be a part of our team!